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Experience amazing day boating with Miami Rent Boat. Explore Miami by water renting boat and driving on-board Miami boat rentals!

Be your own captain on self-rental boats for the day. The newest boats for rent without captain in Miami, Florida.

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Call or text our Miami boat rental services to ask about renting a boat in Miami. To rent a boat now go to book boat rental online.

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Rent Boats - Miami, FL

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The Best Miami Boat Rental Services

We offer the best boats for rent in Miami on Biscayne Bay. Rent boats in Miami, driving on Biscayne Bay, sightseeing and exploring Miami's coast. Rent boats easily online. Rent boat in Miami by hour, half day & full day boat rentals.  Be your own captain!

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Contact a boating & rental specialist. Let us help answer any of your questions on renting a boat. We are always open for good conversation on boating in Miami. Call to rent boats today! We speak English, French, Spanish & Italian.

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All rented boats come with gas, water and ice included with the boat! Our Boats provide easy access to the water when swimming is required! Add snorkeling gear or a bottle of champagne! Rent a boat in Miami today!

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Rent boats Miami, FL from 2 hour to 8 hours on Biscayne Bay

View the available hourly options to rent a boat.
Whether you want to drive a boat for just a little while to enjoying driving and cruising on a boat all day, Miami Rent Boat has a boat for you.

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See our rentals in action! Our boat rental service, boasts the #1 boat fleet comprised of bow rider boats. The rentals come loaded with lots of seating, comfortable boat layout and easy to manage driver consoles. See bow rider rentals.

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Find Miami boating tips, boat safety and places to visit in Miami when renting boats. Check back frequently to find Miami boat rental specials, promos and boating news about renting boats in Miami, FL.

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South Florida based boating service company, renting boats daily. We are centrally located on Miami's Biscayne Bay. Boat rental services include hourly rentals of boats daily. The best boat rental Miami services!

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Call for Easy Renting of Boats Miami, FL. We speak English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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#1 Miami Boat Rental Services

The best boats for rent in Miami, Florida

Our current boats for rent are new 2020 model year bay boats. Rentals come fully loaded with seating and plenty of shade. Built-in storage coolers for storage. Boating capacity for 1 up to 8 people on-board. Miami boat rentals come with easy access to the water when swimming is required! All boats rented come with gas, ice and water included in rental price. Our staff prides itself on being the best watercraft boating service in South Florida. Offering quality 20ft bow rider boats without captain in Miami, Florida to boaters.

Rent boats by hour, for half day & full day boat rentals.

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Easily rent a boat at the Miami Rent Boat website or calling. Our rental services are available to rent 7-days a week. All rentals are rented by the hour. Boating guests can rent boats for 2-8 hours a day. After renting a boat, go to Pier 5 boat docks in the Sea Isle Marina located at 1635 N. Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132 on your scheduled boat rental day and time. Staff at the docks will get you ready to boat!

Registered top-rated boat service company in Florida with the best rentals in Miami's Biscayne Bay.

If you are interested in boating every month, check out all our rental service plans.

Easy to Rent Self-Rental Boats

Be your own Captain and drive boat on Biscayne Bay. Modern easy to drive bow riders. Miami staff gives all guest a brief safety instructions to keep everyone safe. Rent boat and cruise throughout Biscayne Bay. See yourself in Miami driving a boat with anyone you take along on-board boat!

All our Miami boat rental services include:

  • Top-rated 20 foot bow rider bay boats
  • Seating and shade for up to 8 guests
  • Ice in boat coolers and cold waters
  • Filled with plenty of gas for your rental time

Easily drive and maneuver the boats. Rentals available 7-days a week.

The best boat rentals Miami! Rent boat in Miami on Biscayne Bay. Our boating services, allows renting boats with no captain.  Simple requirements include being 30 years of age or older to drive boat and having boating license or taking a quick FREE online test for boating safety.
Drive self-rental bow riders in Miami FL.

Experience Boat Rentals in Miami, Florida

Cruise by other boaters like fishing boats, yachts & sailboats. See Miami's marine wildlife like dolphins, manatees and all types of fish. Watch people paddle boarding, gliding through the water in kayaks & jet skis splashing with every wave they hit.

Have fun and experience being your own Captain boating to Islands in Biscayne Bay. Explore sandbars with snorkeling and other water sports.

Call or text anytime to reserve boats & help renting boat.

We speak English, French, Spanish & Italian.

Hourly Miami Boat Rental Services

Rental options for boaters, boating Miami... You can go boating for one hour, two hours or more. Get half-day boat rentals and full-day boat rentals at a discount! Everything is included in the price of the boats for rent. The longer you rent a boat, the bigger the discount when renting.

  • Drive a boat, with 8 People riding boat!
  • Gas, Water & Ice are Included on boats.

Miami Hourly Boating Options:

Live in South Florida and enjoy boating?
Enjoy worry-free boating at a discount every month! Drive a boat, with up to 8 People Anytime!
Everything Included in Boat Plans. Miami Members simply call to set a boating schedule. No prepping or cleaning. Boats come ready with gas, ice and water every time!

The Best Miami Boat Rental Services

Find the best boat rentals in Miami. Rent 20 foot Miami bow rider boats. Miami rentals allow 8 guests per boat. Rentals come fully loaded with seats, built-in coolers and shades. Stern drives with open bow area.

Miami Rent Boat let's you be your own captain in Miami. Rent a boat to drive and enjoy! Visit sandbars with a private boat rental. Rent boats for the day in Miami, Florida.

Miami Boat Rentals:

All rentals come with gas as well as ice and water as part of the Miami rental price. No prepping or cleaning.
Miami Rent Boat lets you rent boat worry-free. Find and rent the best boat rental easily by phone or online. Go boating in Miami! Rent today to experience an amazing day of boating.
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