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The best alternative to boat ownership. Boat rental membership Miami members have access to our boats that come with less stress and a lower price tag than owning a single boat. With a Boat Membership, Miami members just go to the dock and the boat is waiting for you! Our team is responsible for cleaning, maintaining and preparing the fleet for your boating enjoyment.

As a member, you won't spend valuable time and money cleaning or fixing a boat.


per month

  • 8 Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • 16 Hours
  • per month

3 Months

  • $760(8hr)
  • $995 (12hr)
  • $1250 (16hr)
  • per month

6 Months

  • $670 (8hr)
  • $875 (12hr)
  • $1100 (16hr)
  • per month

1 Year

  • $600 (8hr)
  • $795(12hr)
  • $1000 (16hr)
  • per month

Join with Miami's best boat rental membership and enjoy the freedom of boating on your schedule! The costs of boat insurance, boat slip, winter storage and more, are not the boat members concern. The engine maintenance and constant cleaning of the vessel is not your worry.

Easy monthly payments! No boat rental rates! No boating black-out periods! It's that simple. There is simply no easier, cost effective way to boat today!

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